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Senya Strong

On Sunday morning, October 9, 2022, nine-year-old Senya Smith was suspected of having leukemia. Senya and her parents immediately left Marquette for Ann Arbor for confirmation of the diagnosis and to begin treatment. A comprehensive diagnosis of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (or "ALL") has been made. Senya has had a bone marrow biopsy, a spinal tap with chemo, and a port installed. The full treatment plan will include travel to Ann Arbor for weekly treatments for the next six months. Then, transitioning to once-a-month treatments for the next two years. Senya is in good spirits and is receiving excellent care. Please join me in sending your hopes, prayers, and positive thoughts to Senya and the Smith family as they navigate this extremely difficult time. (adapted from a message composed by Greg Nyen)

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