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If you need the flexibility of ordering your custom design on what you want, whenever you need it. This pay-as-you-go service uses the same plastisol inks as traditional silk screening with the ease of ordering without minimums.



We start with the exact same traditional screen in an aluminum frame. We smother the same goop (emulsion) and then burn your image into that goop, creating a screen that will only let ink drop through the portion that is your design. We burn that image in the inverse, so it is like looking in a mirror. Then we drop the ink through the screen onto a teflon-coated sheet, curing the ink in a big dryer onto the sheet. 


Now you have your design laid out in ink on a teflon sheet, we call them Screen Holds. You may use them on whatever apparel you may need, as well as leaving some in stock to use in the future as you see fit. Whether your order is big or small we take it all. Once you officially open an account with us there is no order minimum.

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