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Slip on this Tee if you agree:


1. I like my shirts cozy and sustainable 


 (This Tee spun from the equivalent of 6 recycled plastic water bottles. Woah.) 


2. I like using the internet responsibly.  I choose what gets my clicks and comments carefully because every click says “I want more content like this”.  #clickresponsibly)


3. I like my wardrobe purchase to help other humans (100% of proceeds from MakeKindnessYourClickbait tees sold between now and May 31st will be donated to the Marquette Senior High School annual Senior All Night Party to support them after the tragic recent suicide of their classmate.


“Yes! That’s me! Send me my tee! I want to save our planet and the internet, starting with my kickin’ wardrobe!

Click Bait Tee

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