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Paper Heart

Lilly Allers is a beautiful 17 year old trans woman from Reed City, Michigan. She's faced adversity and bullying since she came out last year. She's received hate from using the women's bathroom at her high school. Lilly and her mom, Rachel, have spoken in front of the school board and changed a lot of hearts with their vulnerability and bravery. Lilly has battled with mental health struggles and depression from the hate she endured. This strong, beautiful soul desires to be a makeup artist and a public speaker for the LGBTQ community.


Lilly's hope for the proceeds is to have top/bottom surgery, to fix her car so it'll be reliable and to fund her college hopes and dreams.


We chose Lilly as our BELIEVE IN THE GOOD campaign recipient because we believe in Lilly and stand behind her in our community. Together, with Lilly and her Mom, we believe we can make the world a better place, bring awareness to other trans youth and others going through oppression, and continue to spread love and light.


Thank you so much, thank you so much for supporting this campaign and Lilly.

xo Monica and Michelle (aka Mary and Ronda)


This store will run from May 15th till May 29th. All orders will begin printing after the store closes and orders will be fulfilled as they came in. Thank you for your support and please contact us if you have any questions.

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