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There's another Michigan small family farm being threatened with losing their right to farm. Bogus right?  


Real talk, Hidden Creek Farm in Dalton Township (Muskegon County) needs your help, like today.   


This wonderful farm was scheduled to have a Plant Sale for Mothers Day. Thanks to an emergency injuction for a temporary restraining order filed by a neighbor and Dalton Township, the farm was ordered by the court to cancel the sale.  But that's not all... there are still pending legal issues as the township has intentions of trying to stop this farm by filing a nuisance suit, and their neighbor is suing them for $75,000 for nuisance damages! Here is the the legal hullabaloo...​​​​​​​


This farm has been MAEAP Verified since March 1, 2017.  This is the Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program that offers Environmental Verification for farms that volunteer to comply with the GAAMPs (Generally Accepted Agriculture Management Practices) that are applicable to their farm operations.  In turn, this gains those farms Right to Farm protection and should protect them from nuisance litigation under the State Law.  However, Dalton Township sees it differently and has decided they want to stop this 18 acre operation. So, we need lawyers!  Here's where you come in!  For every t-shirt purchased, the proceeds will go to their legal defense fund!  In addition to the Michigan Small Farm Council and the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund who have already intervened to help, we also need you, our fellow farmers, consumers and small farm supporters, to help save another family farm in Michigan!  


The future of our food security depends on us.  We aren't just saving one farm, we are setting the stage for our future, to continue to maintain our right to produce and procure the foods of our choosing, as farmers and consumers!  Food Freedom... Join the Quest!

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