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Bay Cliff 7th Grade Science Camp


We are celebrating 50 years of amazing! 

Since 1973, every class of seventh-grade students at Bothwell Middle School has spent a week studying science at the Bay Cliff Health Camp in Big Bay. While there, students learn about subjects like ecology while visiting creeks, ponds and bogs, outdoor sports, writing, art, photography, canoeing, and fishing. They eat meals with their teachers, perform skits, dance, and sing every day. Students also get an opportunity to develop independence, spending five days away from home, and discovering more about who they are.

This store has been extended to stay open for a few more weeks. Some orders might not be fulfilled in time for the first day of camp due to the extension. We will get them out asap. Thank you for your support and feel free to reach out to us at the shop if you have any questions. 

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